We Do The Lifting For You


ANT Lifts uses the same proven hardware (pump, hydraulics, lift system, and winch) used in the oilfield service business for years. However our totally new innovative modular construction is all aluminum making it stronger, lighter, adjustable and adaptive to the highest standards of precision. These systems are designed with low impact to the installation of a truck and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle with almost no trace that it was ever been installed. ANT Lifts are virtually invisible to the truck fitting under the bed rails.

ANT Lifts Modular all Aluminum products will fit in all sizes and types of Pickup Trucks or Vans no matter what size bed you have. This precision design still allows for toolboxes, auxiliary tanks, fifth wheel attachments and other accessories in the bed with no impediment to the look and function of the truck.



ANT Lifts - Providing the freedom of mobility to our Veterans.


ANT Lifts units are hand remote operated and can load a truck with the ease of pushing a button.


ANT Lifts can be easily used for large mammal retrieval.


Recreation product line coming soon!